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Here's how to play Super Nintendo Roms on PSP: first, you need an emulator, there are many emulators, but the one that worked best for me. It turned out to be a Floppy disk emulator, which you can find on I used it, but here's another thing: don't try to download Super NES or SNES emulators (they use large amounts of memory). Most Ps2 emulations are not suitable for emulating old consoles. In addition, as a rule, on console emulators, before launch, you can see a screen with a small image of the company logo, so that you know which console is in front of you.
So, let's begin. Download the emulation from the Internet, for example from (if you haven't registered yet, click here). After that, you can choose which console is more convenient for you to play with. For me it was the most convenient and reliable way to download. The Super Nes icon will appear in the menu. Next, click the Clone button. That's all.
P.S. Pay attention to the English language of the texts so that you can understand what you are doing as best as possible.
In the text I wrote, there is no mention of the topic "brutal scoring system". This is due to the fact that everything in this text is very simple and clear.
I will continue to write about games on the P.S2, as it is one of the best portable consoles in my opinion, and I hope that I will not disappear from view.
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